Helping You Keep Your Profits

PEAK helps you secure full employee ownership of your organization’s vital investments in profit-making and loss prevention measures.

  1. Bullet    safety

  2. Bullet    ethics

  3. Bullet    quality

  4. Bullet    productivity

  5. Bullet    customer care

  6. Bullet    employee retention

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Targeting The “Tough Crowd”

  1. PEAK’s speciality is the delivery of high-impact leadership training to supervisors and managers in often difficult change-resistant industries.  

  2. PEAK president Ron Newton and his colleagues have trained 7,500 supervisors in hard-to-convince industries including:  

  3. Bulletmaritime - inland & offshore

  4. Bulletconstruction

  5. Bulletshipbuilding & repair

  6. Bulletenergy exploration & production

  7. Bulletmanufacturing

  8. Bulletstevedoring

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    31%  of workers are 
                      fully engaged.                    
     20%  of workers are      
                      totally disengaged.Training.html


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